The secret to writing copy so good leads are just straight up bending over backwards and handing you briefcases of their hard-earned cash

Okay not really,


I’m not really this kinda guy, 


But then again,


Neither are you? Are you? 

If you were in to make a quick buck,


Or make the most amount of cash in the least amount of time and effort possible,


You’d most like have


A Herbalife link in your bio,


A one of booty builder plan for £25, 


And some sleazy fat burner discount code,


Because let’s face it,


Hate it or not,


Those kinda stuff,




And they sell fast,


It’s why even my non-english speaking Bulgarian Aunt knows exactly what fat loss pills and Herbalife products are,


(Booty Builders for people in their 70s aren’t a huge interest though) 


Yet when it came to actually explaining what I did as an online coach,


It really went no where,


Like ever,


In fact the closest I got is that I'm doing home workouts with people over Skype,


Which is actually extremely impressive^


(still no what I did as an online coach, But hey ho) 


I’m getting side-tracked, this was suppose to be all about you,




You are something much more then all of those sleazy products,


You are a whole other animal,


It’s why I’m so fired up to help protect your time, energy and wellbeing from the constant content production cycle,


You are someone who does things right,


Who shows up daily,


And instills on giving clients the tools and educations to get results and keep them for life,


In turn making the world a much more energetic and happier place,


This is dope. 


But let’s be real here,


You got to good point in life,


Working with plenty of clients,


But now your time/ energy and focus is kinda maxed out,


Love it or hate,


There’s only so much you can do,


And you may have reached your ‘peak’ 


Where you just can’t physically fit in more time, energy or focus to drive the bigger picture goals forward,


And by that very process,


We are going to be letting the booty guides and fat burner supplements of the world win,


(it’s much easier to scale a product over actually caring I know) 


It’s why I don’t want this to happen to you,


Your energy/ time and wellbeing,


In turn affect your 


Coaching clients,


and the content you are putting out there,


So much so, 


I’ve put together something to massively streamline and supercharge all your written content,


(But if you are savvy enough you can even plug this into videos too) 


It’s a free training,


That’s Allowed me:


To post daily without fail on my Instagram for the last 2-3 year,


To write content for other thriving coaches without losing their authentic voice and edge,


To work with fat loss clients across the globe without being the most muscular, best looking or knowledge,


But looking back, I know deeply believe it’s been based on my idea to rinse and repeat this content method,


To get people buying into my personality,


To write engaging content in 20 minutes or less,


To stand out from all the fat burner selling zealots out there,


It’s a simple, But extremely effective method,


I’d love to teach you for free today,


And maybe if you find it as valuable as I and the other thriving coaches I’ve worked with lately have,


You may down the line decide you find value in some of my paid help out there.


But then again if you don’t and instead chose to settle, live a quiet life by a beach or mountain somewhere,


You’ve lost nothing,




You know drill by know,


Drop your name and email below and I will shoot over the training right away,


(or more specifically my email automation software will) 


See you on the other side,