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"6 months down the line I dropped 3 suit sizes and my wife fitted into her wedding dress"

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Please give Samuel Baker and Samantha's story so far a read, hopefully, it can inspire you along your weight loss journey.

--------------------------------------------------------------- "Before I started with Plamen I did not have an exercise routine. I always tried different diets with none of them working for me. Me and my partner were getting married in 6 months and wanted to get into shape to look good for our big day. We signed up to a free 30-minute taster session with Plamen and we just clicked straight away. Believe me, I’ve tried a few different personal trainers and there is just something so different and fresh with Plamen’s ethos.

He does not push you over your limit or to the point where you dread going for your next session. He listens and learns your limits and brings you to them and keeps you there and once he sees the improvement he will push you a bit more.

I am over doubling my weights now to when I first started Crazy. 6 months down the line I dropped 3 suit sizes and my wife fitted into her wedding dress and we were so happy.

It was a big decision whether to continue with the training as we have a lot less money after still paying off the wedding. Really it was an easy one. We are still continuing with personal training. It really is not that much when you think what you get. Personal training, nutritional information, meal plans, weekly and monthly goals and advise whenever you need it. When we first started we were not exercise lovers but we now look forward to our gym sessions 3 times a week. I feel better than I ever have, my clothes are fitting again and I have so much more energy. My advice to anyone else is don’t hesitate book with Plamen today."


I am so proud of how far they have come and some of the obstacles they've had to overcome.

Their weekly targets look like this atm:

- 3 training sessions a week ( Full, Upper, Lower)

- Increase water intake

- Increase fruit, veg and protein servings

They still enjoy their occasional Domino's pizza.

This to me is what a lifestyle change should look like!

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