• Plamen Slavov

Could This Why You Feel Like You Are No Longer Dropping Body Fat!

With your fat loss journeys (and life too), focusing and obsessing over only variable is a good way to measure and track progress. It can however leave you blind to everything else going on around that.

What do I mean by that exactly?

I have the perfect example, for a bit of context, client work with, I measure and evaluate client stats every 6-8 weeks, hip, thigh, waist measurements, pictures.

After all of that is done I will only then usually bring up or even check bodyweight readings.

It was time for one of my clients to go through the 20-minute evaluation, She didn't seem ready, she was nervous her bodyweight hadn't changed and yet her measurements must have stayed the same right?

Actually no, over six weeks she dropped around 2cm off her waist, she was stronger, and her body fat dropped by about 3%.

One of her top priorities was to lose some of the extra body fat around her stomach. She did exactly that. There wasn't a need or a desire to step on a scale and have it display a certain number. She wanted to feel better and look better - She did exactly that.

A little more practical drive story today. I now encourage to stop for a second and remind yourself exactly what your fat loss goal is about and how are you going to go about monitoring it.

Bodyweight and body mass index definitely play a big part in how we feel and look but only to a certain extent. There is a time and place for them, you don't have to disregard bodyweight numbers completely but don't tunnel in on only that and forget how far you've come.

A few good ways to monitor progress and evaluate your journey include:

  • Strength or technique progression on exercises in the gym

  • Measurement improvements

  • Before and after pictures

  • Simply how you are feeling

If you feel like you've hit a bit of a plateau and aren't moving forward, remember to also check some of these other variables across the board.

Is there someone in your life that could benefit from this short read? If so please send it over to them!

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