• Plamen Slavov

This might be the reason your fat loss journey feels like torture right now!

Nothing worse than knowing you are one or two bad habits away from potentially a much faster journey to losing weight and more visible results.

After all, knowing you are stronger and feeling better is one thing but having someone else mention it is a whole other sometimes.

I had a similar conversation with a client facing a similar battle recently so it gave me the idea to create that into a post you can benefit from too.

Just think about how much better your weight loss results could potentially be if we just managed to remove all chocolate and replaced it with spinach and lettuce.

Well… I may be over exaggerating the above example a little but I see very similar scenarios happens all the time.

Yes, results will be far quicker doing the above however how realistic and maintainable will that be especially for every poor guy that likes chocolate.

I don’t think the issue here lays in eating foods we enjoy, that we have been told are awful for us. I think the issue is choosing and attempting to completely ban and remove entire food types and eating windows, especially if you really struggle doing so.

Is your goal here to step on a bodybuilding stage and get as close as possible to a zero body fat percentage? If that’s not you, I think you are safe and can still work your favourite foods into your weekly plan.

For example, if enjoy chocolate and are currently having a full bar every night before bed:

-      You can look to have half the bar every night before bed -300 calories saved per day!

-      You can look to have chocolate every other day – 400-500 calories saved per day!

-      You can look to find lower calorie chocolate options 100+ calories saved per day!

Win, Win, Win!

These are just some examples that came from the back off my head but they are all possibilities to still allow you to enjoy eating chocolate while still making small progress towards your weight loss goals.

No need to chuck food in the bin or out the window, this is how to make small progress which still allows you to enjoy your favourite foods and meals and not have to follow a diet which feels like torture every single day. 

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