• Plamen Slavov

Lack Of Fat Loss Results? Or Lack Of Urgency?

So you've recently decided to be more thoughtful about your wellbeing, health and appearance?

Well done! Although you don't realise it you need to hear some congratulations on that. Although it may not feel like a win it really is.

You have decided to start. You have decided you want to do and be more. And ultimately live a happier, healthier and more energised life.

Well done for taking action, once again!

However, unfortunately often times it ends exactly there. You decide to make a change. You look around and get confused with the numerous amounts of possibilities and ways of getting from Z (which will be your end goal).

I understand you. There has and still is many things I should/ need to do, looking for the perfect time and place gets me nowhere, however, (I really shouldn't leave my Christmas presents to the last minute this year too).

It's okay, I tell myself what if I see an ad for a better present or hear my mom mention something she would like.

However, 99% of the time what does happen is I put it off until the 21-22nd December where I realised I need to get it together.

Anyway, this is what I feel like happens to a large majority of guys and girls who want to achieve their fat loss goals. They should do it. However, life get's in the way. Deadlines at work, Social events and anything else that requires your valuable time.

There is no urgency (like me and my christmas presents every year).

Even January 1st to be the go-to time to take action is still not enough for most people, there is always going to be distractions and other important things going on in your life. But simply taking the smallest of actions right now and sticking to it regardless if its January 2nd or April 22nd is going to take you far further than you ever imagined.

Ignore the 12 weeks shreds program, the new year new me diet or anything else that requires you to remove everything you love from your day to day life.

Taking action today is going to be by far more valuable than any of the above.

I am going to layout four very simple targets pick one set a quantifiable target.

Here are some great ideas to use as a starting point.

- Go for one extra walk.

- Drink a little more water.

- Eat more Fruit & Veg

Change can be scary, so let's try and make as easy as possible for you first.

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