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Plamen’s Four-Pillar Formula To Burn Body Fat And See Abs

Burning the stubborn belly fat is one of the most wanted things by guys but also seems like the hardest.

The truth is reaching that goal can be made easier.

In fact much easier.

So much so that it wouldn’t need to take you years.

Or that you have to completely remove or throw away all your favourite foods.

Although that would work and be easier for me to say, it will make your life hell and that doesn’t sound like great coaching to me either.

Plus I hear this scenario ALL the time. Guys who have tried to lose the belly fat but always found themselves slipping up and not quite getting there.

Why exactly?

Because they would muster up all their willpower, grit and determination to start they would find a workout and eating plan online. Throw away (or eat) all the bad favourite foods they have around the house on the Sunday and start the plan Monday.

They do ok with that strategy, see some progress.

But eventually when the motivation, grit and determination is completely drained a fews days, week or even a month later they eventually give in.

But I can’t blame them, because who can manage never having their favourite foods ever again, They taste so good!


This leaves them in a pitfall of feeling awful about themselves and what they had done. Motivation plummets, they are angry and hate themselves and their lack of willpower.

Is achieving this fat loss goal really worth it, if it’s so damn hard?

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

There is another way.

A way I’ve developed initially for my private clients over the last three years and a way that I learnt the hard way for myself too, after years and years of spinning my wheels and beating myself up for slipping up.

A formula where I don’t have to think about food 24/7, worry or stress about what would happen if I meet up with a friend for coffee or have a slice of cake for my mom's birthday.

So I know what you might be thinking. Will this 4-Pillar Formula work for you?

Well, it works for my private clients and they are normal people with normal jobs looking to improve their body shape.

Most working 40-60+ hours a week while trying to keep a healthy relationship with their partner or friends already sounded like a massive balancing act. Adding a fat-loss goal on top of that would be extremely overwhelming and stressful.

Because who has the time to be doing 3+ Hours of sweaty draining cardio sessions or eat unseasoned chicken breasts and steamed vegetable meals they made 4 days ago.

And who actually actually wants to add all that on top of their day too?

The Pillar Formula I’ve developed for my private clients has allowed them to lose belly fat but also as a side effect improve other stuff too.

Stuff like:

  • Being more adventurous and doing more when holiday

  • Having more confidence and energy in their day-to-day

  • While fitting much better in their work shirts too

Here is an insight into my Pillar-Formula.

This formula is the foundation I use for my private clients to allow them to hit the ground running, build momentum, see results and actually feel better than ever before.

To put them on their fat loss and abs definition goals too. My clients pay me to help them implement this, but for you the only price you need to pay to achieve this is by not giving up on this formula or overlooking it.

If you don’t give up on the formula and implement it will not give up on you either.

I want you to begin by looking at the Four-Pillar Formula as a chair. Why Chair? A chair has four legs and it’s most stable and works best when it has all four on the floor. View the four pillars in a similar manner.

Take away one leg and your fat loss journey becomes unstable and risks failing. Take away two or even three legs and it will collapse entirely.

When you achieve these four pillars of your imaginary chair structure it will be the most stable and will move you towards your fat loss goal in no time!

When I go over each stage please look at them as individuals; they are all just as important, it is not a staircase, it's a chair!

Pillar One - SLEEP

Nope it’s not me giving you a huge list of foods you should never eat again or even worse a list of foods you have to eat that make you feel like throwing up.

We all sleep and it’s important, but do we sleep enough?

Do you wake up recovered, recharged and ready to take on the next day?

And more importantly do you give yourself the opportunity to sleep the recommended 6-8 hours?

In the book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, Matthew and his team discovered those who are under-slept or tired are far more likely to overindulge and eat significantly more throughout the day even when they were not hungry.

After all, an under slept body is weaker and running on far lower reserves of energy and willpower.

Give yourself an opportunity to sleep plenty, set yourself a ‘go to bed alarm’ in the evening and once it goes off you know the drill.

I’ve recently started implementing this for myself and it has been a game changer it has made waking up in the morning so much easier and more enjoyable.

But surely if you are awake for longer your body will burns more calories?

Well yes, Matthew Walker's research shows for every hour awake your body burns approximately 14 calories more.

So for the extra 14 calories you burn you allow yourself to have a much higher chance of overeating and indulging on anything extra from 200 calories plus. It’s really not a gamble you want to take.

Pillar Two - FRUIT & VEG

You’ve probably heard examples like this time and time again:

“Eat your greens” “Get your five a day”

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

They are all great advice but they don’t really talk about why you should.

You probably know they will benefit you but do you know they will help you lose fat?

Setting of a domino like effect when you start ensuring you are incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your day and begin setting yourself portion goals everyday you will allow yourself to, eat more food, consume less calories on average and feel less hungry.

All thanks to the larger size of Fruit and vegetables how filling they are and how much fewer calories they contain.

While also experiencing all the other awesome benefits of an increase in vitamins and minerals from an extra intake of fruit and vegetables.

Pillar Three - ACTIVITY

This one can sound a little scary, I get it. You probably haven’t got the time or energy to be spending hours and hours running like Rocky and that ok.

But when I say activity I want you to think about movement.

Slow, Gentle, Fast, Explosive whatever floats your boat.

Simply creating more movement throughout the day will help you burn fat much faster and in a more manageable manner than ever before.

So what movements do you see yourself enjoying and being able to commit to doing daily?

Here are some examples:

  • Running

  • Walking

  • Swimming

  • Weight Training

  • Circuits

  • Cycling

  • Traditional Cardio in the gym

Whatever one of the sounds most ideal to you, do that! And I’m not expecting or asking for you to spend hours doing these, if you can then great but you are too busy 20-30 minutes a day is plenty.

A private client once added a bicycle ride around her local park on her lunch break to help her unwind, distress, while getting her movement target in.

Have a think about this one now and where you will be able to incorporate this in, note you can split the times up in two or three smaller blocks too if that works better for you and your day.

Planning this out now will make your life so much easier when you start these out. Take the time now to plan this step.


Here is your second dietary pillar. It’s not something that should take too long to do either.

But acting on it will make your fat loss goals a lot easier and more manageable.

Often the body can confuse hunger for dehydration simply ensuring you are drinking plenty and regularly throughout the day will make you feel less hungry and reduce the chance of experiencing those irresistible hunger spouts throughout the day at the times you are least prepared.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will allow you to feel better and increase the chance of success massively.

The Trend

Notice anything similar about all these Pillars?

They are all things you are already doing.

Things that you probably haven’t thought about for a while, maybe because of a fancy fat burner or magic workout advertising.

I get it.

My clients have been there too.

What we did differently together is to turn our back on all that and start with implementing this Four-Pillar Formula First.

If it’s legally sound I may even call them “Plamen’s Pillars” ;)

The point being is that before we can build anything higher up we need to ensure the pillars of the chair are stable and strong to carry the extra load, so take the time to ask yourself.

Am I confident in these four pillars?

Am I doing them daily?

If your four pillars are not stable you run the risk of collapsing your imaginary chair and your fat loss journey when you do add more.

How to implement

They all may sound like a lot of work to try and do all at once.

So how do you add them in and increase your chance for success?

By focusing on one.

One at a time until you feel confident and happy with the particular pillar and see it as part of your life, something you can’t go without.

Just like brushing your teeth in the morning.

Around 20-30 days is a really good spot to aim for at first, by that point the initial ‘suck’ would have worn off and it will be something you look forward to and enjoy doing (or if not at least it would feel much more habitual and achievable).

Persevere and it will not always feel anywhere near as hard as might do in the first 21 days, Trust me on that one.

Then move on the next one.

And to the next one

And to the next one

Working together to help you implement each of my four pillars, keep you accountable and to add or adjust your daily tasks to continue making progress when you need it will make your life a lot easier and less stressful and allow you to get the end goal quicker.

Just like it does for my VIP clients too.

Book in a free 121 chat over the phone with me personally to discuss where you are at in your journey and how/ if I can help you email the word “Assessment Call” to plamenslavovpt@gmail.com

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