• Plamen Slavov

The Five Biggest Fat Loss Myths, Debunked!

Struggle to see those final few inches drop from your waist? Have no idea why you are not improving in the gym?

Here are the top five biggest misunderstandings I come across when starting with a new client in regards.

1) " I am cutting out all carbs at the moment, need to take it to the next level" - Carbohydrates do not have as important of a function to the body the same way Protein or Fats do but at the end of the day they are a macronutrient and that's it. They still contain calories the same way fats and protein do. You can still eat them and lose weight plenty of people have done it before you wouldn't be the first or the last.

2) "I really need to stop eating after 6 pm if I want to lose weight" - As always if you can eat after 6 pm and not go over your calorie target for the day you will definitely lose weight.

3) " I really should stop eating fruit to shift the final few pounds"Food is also more than just calories sometimes a lot of it contains vital minerals and vitamins needed for your body. Fruit has a lot of it and as long as you stay within your calorie target you really can't overeat on fruit!

4) " X food is bad I have to avoid it at all costs" Yes and no. Some foods are processed far more and contain more calories, sugars etc. (all the stuff we are trying to avoid). The large majority of the time this is what makes us enjoy the taste so much of it. You can still keep these foods into a sensible serving amount for the week.

5) " I really should be eating breakfast in order to lose weight" - If you don't do too well with eating breakfast not having any may be a good way to create a calorie deficit for the day and allow to lose weight. No need to feel sick for the first half of your day if you simply do not get on with a large breakfast meal.

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