• Plamen Slavov

The Invisible Driver, Why You Struggle With Your Fat Loss Goals.

Let me know if this sounds familiar to you, (if not feel free to find another one of my articles to take value from today).

You have chosen to start a fat loss journey be it join a gym, partake in the local park run or just by doing home workouts.

You can have as little or as big of a goal behind these daily & weekly actions but whatever your weight, fat loss or fitness goal was, you believed fully in your ability to get yourself there right?

Well what happened to that belief as you moved yourself day by day closer towards achieving goal you always dreamed of, you began to question yourself and you slowly became less and less confident of your ability to get the job done until you gave in and though it was no longer possible or maybe the end goal was no longer worth the effort required?

Well, unfortunately, the human brain is wired like that and that's life. It a way of protecting me and you from doing stupid stuff which might hurt us. However, with today's luxuries, we are quite well protected from predators and natures dangers as a whole (pretty fortune ay?).

A quick practice that's helped me massively is to stop and catch myself every time these doubts popped up in my head, question them or simply find a way to distract myself with something that's going my way this day or even week. That has helped instil more confidence and belief in my ability to get the job done and it will do the same for you too, I am sure of it. Plus you deserve some self-love.

If you were confident enough at first of achieving your goals and dreams then why to change that now.

Unconsciously or not I think this is one reason why my clients do better when working with me. I believe in every single one of them, I know what they are capable of sometimes before they are fully aware of it too, soon enough they begin to believe in themselves too.

Having people around you to bounce ideas, support and belief is also another quick fire way to make your fat and weight loss journeys a lot more enjoyable and also manageable.

If you haven't got people like that in your life at the moment, the tip in the article will be even more important.

Remember these wise words from Walt Disney.

"If you can dream it you can do it. Always remember this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse"​

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